Mexican Sweet corn dessert…..

Mexican cuisine is the first cuisine that I tried after coming to US.It is our favorite cuisine besides Thai,Italian cuisines. After trying this sweet in a Mexican restaurant ,it has been my hubby’s favorite sweet. I first prepared this for our 5th Anniversary and was a hit.So wanted to post the recipe. I tried this recipe from Allrecipes and made few changes in the cooking procedure.It is very easy recipe to prepare and quick as well.

Here is the recipe:

Butter :1/2 cup softened.
masa harina : 1/3 cup .
Water :1/4 cup
Frozen whole-kernel corn :1 1/2 cups , thawed or can use fresh corn.
Cornmeal : 1/4 cup.
White sugar :1/3 cup .
Heavy whipping cream :2 tablespoons.
Salt :1/4 teaspoon .
Baking powder :1/2 teaspoon .

Note: I used only 1/4 cup butter instead of 1/2 cup(changed according to our taste). You can skip whipping cream, if you want to skip milk products.

  • In a bowl add all the dry ingredients (cornmeal,Masa harina,salt,baking powder,sugar) and mix the well.
  • In a chopper ,chop the corn or use as is if you like to have chunks.
  • Add the corn,water,butter,heavy whipping cream and mix them well.
  • Add water in a pressure cooker and place the bowl with mixture in it without the whistle.
  • Cook for 15mins on medium heat or till it is well cooked .
  • After it is cooled for 5mins, Scoop out with an ice cream scoop and serve.Enjoy….!!!!

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