First Fondant cake

One of my favorite TV show is ‘Cake boss’ and all the other realty cake shows like ‘Ace of Cakes’, ‘Ultimate Cake Off’ etc. I learned so many tips and tricks from theses shows. I always wanted to try fondant cake every time I watch those programs. I tried making the fondant cake over the weekend. Fondant was prepared using marshmallows, icing sugar, shortening and water.

After the fondant is prepared, I added food colors for different color textures. Below the fondant is the regular white cake. After the cake is prepared I have cut the cake into layers and filled the layers with butter icing and covered the cake with the fondant sheet. I made this cake for Saranya’s friend Sai Ansh’s 3rd birthday. My first attempt of fondant cake came out satisfactory and it tasted very good. So now I want to practice on the smooth finishing, and other varieties in fondant cakes.

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  1. Argelia says:

    This can be something I need to do more research into, i appreciate you for the posting.

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