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The month of March is called National crafts month in US. So, I wanted to show my crafts this month. Back in India I have two adorable and favorite nieces Sravani and Srivalli and wants to do some crafts with me every weekend or during holidays. I enjoy doing crafts. It makes me feel happy and makes me to think creatively and differently every time. Once I have drawn a picture of lord Ganesha for my niece school project.

There are many other crafts I prepared with them, but no photos. For our wedding we will have an event called “panakala kavidi”. In this event we need to prepare some decorative jewelry and show pieces for grooms family (ladies). For that event I have prepared a house using wooden Ice-cream spoons and decorated it. After coming to US, I prepared a simhasanam (Pooja Mandir/ Mandapam) with Gold color strings.

I also prepared a decorative piece for Deepak on V’day 2008.So these are the crafts for now.Stay tuned there some more crafts I wanted to share….My other crafts which I do regularly are Quilling, Origami, Balloon shapes, Jewelery Designs which I will share them during this month.

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