my crafts…part_2 Ribbon Roses and Balloons

Hi there everybody, today I want to share some more crafts I prepared. For my daughter’s 4th month birthday I prepared ribbon roses.They are very easy to make and looks beautiful. Added to it I also made some paper flowers also with golden foil paper in the middle of a paper flower.

I also prepared a hair ribbon for Saranya with rose on it.

During the month of January 2010 our friends Murali, Lavanya and their son Pranav from Gaithersburg, MD visited us in Las Vegas and over the weekend we took Pranav to IHop for breakfast. There was a clown who is making balloon animals for kids who are coming over to IHop. Pranav also wanted to have an Octopus, so the clown prepared the Octopus from balloons and I was observing it so keenly. He made it in just couple of minutes. So that day after coming home I checked online how to make them and got a packet of Animal making balloons and tried.I got them in the first trail and prepared some flowers for Saranya’s 5th month birthday and we named the theme as balloon park Theme.

So these are the crafts for today. Stay tuned as next week crafts blog part3 will have some more exciting crafts to be shown…..:)

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