My crafts…part 4 Quilling

I have started blogging with a quilling post. It was long back in year 2010…:) and now I wanted to update with my all my quilling work. It all started when I was searching for crafts during Saranya’s 7th month Birthday theme. Quilling craft which is an art made with paper cut into stripes and rolled. I loved all the collections and designs available over the internet. Gave it a try and was doing them from then… With quilling you can make so many shapes and can be so creative with your new ideas. After my initial trial and web searches for quilling, I should mention about the person from whom I got the inspiration to keep continuing this craft. She is none other than Yulia. Her creations were awesome and breathtaking. Thanks a lot Yulia, for the inspiration given. I didn’t meet her but her website itself inspired me.

The tools and items needed for quilling are:

Paper —  I use normal printing color papers or construction paper works as well.

Paper rolling tool — There is a special rolling tool. I use a toothpick to roll the paper strips.



Stencil for accurate sizes.

Metal ruler (scale)

Quilling has the following basic shapes which will be useful in almost in any type of design we try.

To make a quilling shape take a toothpick or rolling tool and a paper stripe, roll the stripe and place in the stencil of required size.Allow it to unroll itself to the size and glue the loose end.Then you can press the coil to required shape and make awesome quilling crafts.

The below photo shows how to make a flower..

This is one of the best craft I liked very much and lots of ideas are flowing through my mind. But due to lack of free time not able to finish them on time. I am planning to come up with more frames in next couple of months. All my current quilling collections are available at here. I will keep updating the gallery with my new quilling collections too.

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  1. fairozanart says:

    l want to learn how rolling paper

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