My crafts..part 3 polymer clay

In this part of the crafts I am going to show you, are made from polymer clay. I made these crafts for my Saranya’s 6th month birthday.

Polymer clay is a material that will Thermoset, that is, harden permanently when baked at a low temperature. Despite being called “clay”, it generally contains no clay minerals. Polymer clay hardens by curing at temperatures created in a typical home oven generally at 129 to 135 °C (265 to 275 °F) for 15 minutes per 6 mm (1/4″) of thickness and does not significantly shrink or change texture during the process. Articles made from polymer clay are not fired, and therefore are not ceramics.

Polymer clay is sold in craft, hobby and art stores, and is used by artists, hobbyists and children. Polymer clay is also popular in animation since it allows static forms to be firm and not be deformed by things like fingerprints and tool marks while modifying the scene. Leading brands of polymer clay include FimoKato Polyclay,Sculpey & Madello.

Below is the clay theme decoration table arranged for Saranya’s 6th month birthday. Except the birthday cake in the middle rest all of the items on the table are made of clay.

I also made an aquarium as wall decor and some letters to hang on wall.In the above photo there are some animals like penguins, monkey with a banana and I also made ‘sit and play’ , one of Saranya’s toys.You can also see a flower pot with butterfly on it and some flowers. All of them are made using clay.

I made some fruits like banana, strawberry, mango, cherry and 2 palm trees.

I also made figure of Saranya out of clay with dress matching to her birthday dress and Winnie the pooh.I have made a chocolate cake shape out of clay with strawberries on the top of it(In front of pooh). I also made a convertible car , ladybug, polar bear and a Christmas tree out of clay.

I made some M&Ms shaped clay with Saranya’s name on them.

In the above photo you can see the wall hanging of Saranya’s photo made out of clay and baked it after transferring the sketch on to the clay sheet. Process is simple.  I took some clay and made it into a flat plate like shape. Then I placed the sketch print side on the clay and applied some rubbing alcohol with a piece of cotton over the paper.After that I peeled the paper out of the clay. Then I baked the piece in the oven to make it hard.

Here is my lovely daughter and wonderful husband.So these are the crafts for today and will post some more crafts in my next posts.Stay tuned for next post about my quilling crafts and the collection I prepared.

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  1. padmaja says:

    Awsome Raji….u done a great job, the crafts looks very nice…Keep it up

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